Used Hyundai Vehicles
August 13, 2014 — 9:38

home-i30_premiumThe Hyundai Motor Company was founded in 1967 and is today one of the world’s most recognisable car brands. Hyundai is based in South Korea and forms part of the Hyundai Motor Group, which it makes up with compatriot company Kia Motors. The Hyundai Motor Group is now the fifth largest automotive manufacturer in the world based on annual vehicle sales, which is a testament to the longevity and reliability of Hyundai vehicles. Versatile models such as the Hyundai ix20 and the Hyundai i30 have established themselves as some of the most popular family vehicles on the market, down to their affordability and dependability. Hyundai itself has grown into such a popular brand because of how diverse its range of models is.

The ix20 has been in production since 2010 following its debut at the Paris Auto Show of that year. It is built on the same platform as its sister car the Hyundai i20, as well as the Kia Venga and the Kia Soul. The ix20 could quite easily be mistaken for a supermini but it is actually a small MPV which comes in the form of a 5-door hatchback. The difference is that it is incredibly spacious inside, far more so than you might expect from looking at it from the outside. Additionally it is packed full of safety equipment and the interior is well designed. Performance doesn’t exactly blow the mind but fuel economy is strong and CO2 emissions aren’t too bad. Second hand Hyundai ix20 models usually cost between £7,000 and £9,000.

One of the company’s most versatile offerings is undoubtedly the Hyundai i30. It has been on the market since 2007 and has been produced in its second generation since 2011. The Hyundai i30 car is available with a wide range of petrol and diesel engines and in three different body styles: a 3-door hatchback, a 5-door hatchback or a 5-door estate. The medium family car market is an extremely competitive one, with many rival manufacturers offering excellent vehicles such as the Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, however the i30 more than holds its own and is actually one of the best value cars in its class. For a second hand Hyundai i30 you will often be looking at around £8,000 depending on the mileage, although you can pay in excess of £12,000 for more recent models.

2012-hyundai-veloster-photo-380900-s-1280x782The Hyundai Veloster is probably one of the most unique vehicles in its class, and indeed on the market in general, as it is a sports coupe with two doors on one side and only one door on the other. Apart from the differentiation that it brings the single door actually offers improved access, and compared with rivals the Veloster is one of the cheapest coupes available. Fuel economy and CO2 emissions are relatively impressive considering the sporty make-up of it, but with this comes a firm ride while handling could be smoother too.

A less common site on UK roads is the Hyundai Amica. It is a city car which comes in the form of a 5-door hatchback, and because it is no longer in production you’ll find that second hand models are usually on offer at bargain prices. It has a rather boxy appearance and the engine struggles a little when you take it out of the city – consequently the Amica is not up to the standards of the class-leading city cars but there is certainly no denying that it represents excellent value for money.

The predecessor to the Amica was the Atoz, which has now not been in production for over a decade. As a result you will find that second hand Hyundai Atoz models will be even cheaper, usually costing less than £1,000. Their exterior appearances are incredibly similar, but the greatest difference between them is the quality of the interior – the Atoz isn’t particularly impressive.