Hyundai Trajet
July 18, 2014 — 10:12

The Hyundai Trajet is the company’s first attempt at a full-size MPV, and the firm has chosen to copy some of the more popular vehicles already on the market.

The Trajet is a conventional seven-seater, with five of the individual seats folding down or completely removable to accommodate passenger or cargo needs.

The front seats swivel to face the rear and all three centre seats slide fore and aft. The result is good legroom even for the rearmost passengers.18610

The original two-litre petrol engine is now joined by a two-litre turbo-diesel and an automatic-only 2.7-litre V6. These may prove to be the better choices because even lighter loads can make the petrol two-litre struggle a little. Even with the smaller engine, power is adequate and the ride is pleasant. B-roads present more of a challenge and the suspension may seem too firm.

Vision is fairly good especially with the head restraints removed. Taller passengers may have a little more difficulty getting comfortable, and the steering-wheel adjusts for rake and not reach.

The Trajet comes with a high standard of equipment, including air conditioning, table tops, storage areas, sunglasses holders, roof lights and power sockets.


The car offers a lot of versatility in seating arrangements and load lugging. The Trajet should enjoy low insurance rates and decent fuel economy. Resale values should also be high.

The car offers good cabin space especially with some of the seats removed. With all of the seats in place cabin space is still adequate and passengers shouldn’t have any problem getting comfortable.

The car’s controls and dials are large and easy to read. Everything is logically placed where you’d expect them to be. The materials aren’t the best in the world, but they’re not the worst either.

The car delivers a good deal of comfort. The seats in the cabin are comfortable whether in the front, middle or back. Of course the further forward the seat the more comfortable they tend to be. The Trajet delivers a smooth and comfortable ride.

hyundai_trajet.34402The Trajet is highly accessible. The MPV offers good apertures and passengers shouldn’t have any problems accessing the car’s cabin area. The boot is easily accessible as well and provides a large aperture for easy loading and unloading.

The Trajet is easy to park. The raised drive position provides good all-round visibility and the car’s large side mirrors help out as well. The car’s steering is light and makes maneuvering the MPV easy.


Life Style 

The Trajet was not designed for performance or speed. The car delivers a comfortable and laid back ride. Drivers will appreciate the safe feeling the Trajet provides.

This is an excellent family car. Cabin space is excellent and will easily accommodate a family and their cargo. The Trajet is also durable and can stand up to the rigors of family life.

This is an unlikely first car. It is much too large for what most first time buyers need. The car is also too expensive and too costly to run. There are definitely better first cars on the market.

The Trajet displays many of the bargain basement qualities that are so prevalent in many Hyundais. The Trajet lacks the same quality that many of its rivals enjoy. This may hurt the Trajet In terms of sales.

Security and Safety 

The car’s standard security features include a central locking handset, a security alarm and an engine immobiliser. This should be plenty of security for the MPV but there are also other options available.

The car comes equipped standard with front airbags and traction control, roll cage and deformable bumpers.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CD player. The unit provides good sound quality. There are other upgrades available from the options list.

The Trajets exterior design looks very attractive in red. Red accentuates the car’s curves and gives it a hint of personality. The car’s cabin materials are not as good of quality as many rivals but still feel durable.


The Trajet lacks the same level of fit and finish as many of its rivals, and the 2-litre engine seems to work too hard. The Trajet is a versatile holdall that can function as the main car for a family on a budget.