Hyundai Elantra
July 18, 2014 — 10:19

Hyundai’s Elantra is a relatively inexpensive alternative to the pricier more prestigious brands. The Elantra provides a good deal of practicality, decent build quality and looks even better when economically compared to the competition.

hyundai elantra

The car’s exterior design has received some enhancements over the old Lantra. The front-end and rear-end have both been improved and sport a more modern look. The car is still far from flashy but it is an improvement over the old model. Economy has also been notably improved over the last model.

The Elantra was awarded a maximum five stars by the NCAP North American safety tests; even the base model Si receives driver, passenger and side airbags, ABS with EBD and an airbag passenger presence detector.

The Elantra comes fairly well-equipped with the GSi model receiving a trip computer, electric rear windows, keyless entry and alarm, two more speakers for the stereo and body coloured door mirrors. The CDX fairs even better with all of the above as well as a two-litre engine, traction control, leather trim, fifteen-inch alloy wheels, cruise control and electronic climate control.

The Elantra lacks style and flair, but it does provide a very reliable, affordable and practical means of transportation. If you don’t mind not having a designer badge the Elantra could be just the car you’re looking for. The car should prove to be reliable and should be affordable all-round.


The Elantra should come with a good asking price. Running costs and insurance rates should be low and fuel economy should be decent. Resale value is not high and should be considered when buying the car.

The Elantra provides plenty of cabin space for most passengers to be comfortable. The boot is a decent size and can carry a good deal of cargo, head and legroom is adequate all-round.2014-Hyundai-Elantra-Series-II-17
The car’s controls and dials feel cheap and some of them have a flimsy feel. All of the car’s controls are functional and logically located. The quality of materials used leaves something to be desired.

The Elantra provides adequate levels of comfort. The seats are decent and road and engine noise are minimized. The car is a safe and inexpensive mode of transport but only provides decent levels of comfort.

The car provides good accessibility. The doors open wide and provide a good size aperture for passengers to slide easily into the car’s seats. Egress is easy as well, and the car’s boot can be easily accessed via a good sized aperture. Access shouldn’t be a problem even for rear seat passengers.

The Elantra is an easy car to park. The car provides good all-round visibility and steers easily at low speeds. The car’s side mirrors help out a lot and judging the car’s extremities is also easy.

Life Style 

The Elantra provides adequate performance but was not designed for speed. The Elantra feels safe and solid and the 0-litre model can go from 0-60mph in 9 seconds and boasts a top speed of 128mph. The car delivers a very refined ride.

The Elantra could be used as a family car for a small family. The cabin could easily accommodate a small;l family and the boot could work as well performing limited duties. The car wouldn’t have all the versatility of an MPV though.

The Elantra could technically function as a first car, but it lacks many of the features that most first time buyers are looking for. The car’s style probably won’t be very appealing to many new drivers, but the car is easy enough to drive and would prove to be economical as well.

The Hyundai Company has delivered a very reliable, economical car for a great price. The Elantra will prove to be a very practical car and the only thing that might hold buyers back would be the manufacturer’s lack of snob appeal.

 Security and Safety 

The car’s standard security functions include remote central locking, a security alarm and an engine immobilizer. This should be a fairly adequate security package for the Elantra.

The car scored a five star rating on the NCAP North American safety tests; even the base model Si receives driver, passenger and side airbags, ABS with EBD and an airbag passenger presence detector. The Elantra feels like a very safe car.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard audio system includes a radio and CD player. The unit provides good sound quality. Upgrades are offered on higher specification models.

The Elantra boasts a better level of fit and finish and the cabin provides numerous cubbies and drink holders. The car’s cabin also boasts electric blue backlighting and red lights alerting the driver to open front doors.


The Elantra provides an economical mode of transportation that is practical and reliable, it is almost a saloon version of the Hyundai  i10. The car boasts many improvements over its predecessor. The car’s lack of style and distinction may limit the number of buyers who give the car any serious consideration.